Welcome to my Final Fantasy portal!!! So far I've got fanworks for VII and VIII here, but I'm playing IX so maybe IX stuff soon~

I am a diehard Sefikura shipper. Other ships I love are Cloud x Remnants (yes all of them, ASGZC more like SCKLY), Squall x Seifer (whatever their ship name is), and Strifehart. I also love Zack and Aeris together. You'll find a little bit of all of this here!

For Final Fantasy (+ more!) fics way better than these by the author who inspires me, go here!


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VIII (and Strifehart)


As much as I LOVE slash, I'm not that good at writing it at all, so when I actually do write it's usually gen with or without slash-y undertones. Sorry about it. ^_^;

Materia Theory
Zack gives a lesson in magic to his mentee, with help from Sephiroth. Sefikura, Zack/Cloud/Sephiroth friendship. [G]

See you at the finish line
Cloud runs into an old aquaintance at a bar and is challenged to a race. Cloud/Reno friendship. [G]

Collared, Not Owned
Squall tries to exploit a weakness. Seifer turns it into a strength. Seifer x Squall. Dubcon [EX]

I did not make these!!! They were excavated from various corners of the Internet. Enjoy!


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