Welcome to my doujinshi library!! Doujinshi is definitely one of my favorite things ever to collect, and I hope this digital archive will be fun not only for me to look at but also fun and/or informative for others as well. A lot of my collection has zero documentation online (as far as someone who doesn't speak Japanese can tell), so I'll try to change that. I also will be uploading scans of some doujins that are old/difficult to obtain. Some of these will then be scanlated, if I'm lucky. (Again, I don't speak Japanese and am extremely reliant on looking everything up, so if you'd like to donate a translation please feel free! I'll link to your site!!) Also, if I'm able to find scans or scanlations anywhere else online, I'll link to them.


MY RARITY SCALE: It's completely subjective, based on what I've observed while shopping around. Here's a guide.

Very easily obtainable, from a (relatively) well-known circle and released (somewhat) recently. You can't throw a rock at a doujinshi shop without hitting one.
★★Similar to a one star rating, but the doujinshi is older or from a slightly smaller circle, so you don't see it everywhere.
★★★The average doujinshi. There are usually at least one or two of them listed somewhere online at any given point, and if there aren't, it won't take long for one to go up for sale.
★★★★If you're looking for this doujinshi, be prepared to have to look hard and wait a while for one to pop up.
★★★★★I have only ever seen one of these up for sale, and doubt I will again. Generally these are doujinshi from the 90s to early 2000s from small circles. Five-star rarity doujinshi themselves are not particularly rare or valuable; they're only rare when you want a specific one.