Emerald - Diamond - Platinum - HeartGold


I spent the first 10 years of my life wanting more than anything to own a Pokémon game, and just like Ash, on my 10th birthday I finally got a DS and my first video game ever, Pokémon Diamond! While I no longer have the original cart, my current Diamond file is on the game that once belonged to my little brother. (While in the future, we would get one version each, our first games were the same.) After a long time away from Gen 4, I migrated his team to my SoulSilver and restarted my own file. Needless to say it is a very special game to me. It's my gen 4 master file.

Legacy Thunder
Empoleon ♂
Highly curious
Ribbons: 34/37
★ ♦
Legacy is named in honor of Nick, the Empoleon of my original file. He was the first Pokémon I ever got in-game. Luxray ♂
Somewhat vain
Ribbons: 13/37
★ ♦
A beautiful and powerful special wallbreaker who's been with me since the beginning of this adventure.

Staraptor ♂
Strong willed
Ribbons: 13/37
♦ ●
Another Pokémon named in honor of an original. The old Swift was the first Pokémon I ever caught for myself. Though he wasn't on my team for this run, he's an ace in the Battle Tower! Raichu ♂
Good perserverance
Ribbons: 18/37

I need a Zack in every game. (They are all clones.) He keeps the team energized and watches over the Pokémon in training! Knows Hyper Beam (watch out)!

Alakazam ♂
Alert to sounds
Ribbons: 12/37
♥ ★
A sage, whose heart is full of equal parts wisdom and childlike wonder. Roselia ♂
Ribbons: 16/37

See the Trophy Garden Saga below!!

♥ - a gift. ★ - on original team that beat the game. ♦ - ev trained. ● - fully trained, including moveset.

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Adventure Log

I didn't start the practice of adventure logs until after I beat the main story of this game, so everything here will be about the postgame.

The Trophy Garden Saga

This story is so insane, I think a lot of people won't believe me, but I swear it's true. I just used up all of my luck for the rest of my life, is all.

I wanted a Lucky Egg, so I borrowed Sephiria's Poochyena, who has Thief, and headed to the trophy garden. Chansey is only a 5% chance encounter while she's visiting, so I was looking around for a while, using Thief on any I saw. When I headed back to the Pokémon center to heal up, Nurse Joy told me I had Pokérus! I thought, wow, that's awesome, now we have access to it in gens 4 and 5. It's basically impossible to get in games before Wonder Trade, especially now that the GTS is down. I knew it had come from a Chansey, since they were the only Pokémon I was hitting. Pokérus from a Chansey! That's pretty amazing! I might as well have found a shiny Chansey with near-perfect IVs. I was feeling pretty lucky. Fast forward to the next day...

Well, technically the same day, since I got Pokérus at like 1 am. More looking around... Chansey only has a 5% chance to hold a Lucky Egg, so I was gonna be there a while... And suddenly, I saw a SHINY ROSELIA. O_O

At that point I was just losing it. Not only had I gotten Pokérus and a full-odds shiny within the same 24 hours of casual play, but the shiny Roselia line already had special significance to me. You see, on my original Diamond file, I found a special Pokémon in Eterna Forest: a Budew with a purple frock. As a kid with only about an hour's experience playing Pokémon, of course I knocked it out. At the time, I thought, "oh, no big deal, I'm sure I'll find another soon. Weird-colored Pokémon can't be that rare if I've already seen one." Needless to say, it took me 5 years to find another shiny, while unintentionally Masuda-ing in gen 6... So yeah, I was freaking out. I grew up and he grew up and he came back to me. Pretty emotional stuff.

But that's not all... This is where it just starts getting ridiculous. The next day, Sephiria was playing her Platinum file, going through Mt. Coronet to finish the story, and SHE found a random shiny Chingling. It could have been a Meditite, it could have been a Geodude, it could have been a Zubat, but no, it was the 10% Chingling, the coolest Pokémon in the area. At that point we were having a trancendental experience. We might as well have gone to Mirage Island twice!!!

After that, I found the Lucky Eggs I needed (one for each of us). I caught the Chansey holding the second one and named her Lucky. I have no idea what was going on, but I know for a fact this will be the highlight of my Pokémon career.

For the record, in our minds the Trophy Garden looks a lot different than it does in-game. Imagine an actual garden like the garden a castle would have, with cobblestone pathways, neat hedges, mossy stone statues of Pokémon, and plenty of rosebushes.


Thunder was originally named Lightning, after the Luxray on my original team now lost to time. However, as he got stronger, I realized that his speed IVs were, not to be mean, but they're abysmal, so calling him "Lighting" seemed a little mean... but "Thunder" is even better! After his training was completed and he reached level 100, together we went just north of Sandgem Town and found a shiny Shinx with the PokéRadar (I don't usually method hunt, but I wanted to successfuly use it just once). The mantle of "Lightning" was passed on to the baby Shinx, and now Thunder is his own Pokémon :)